#ilovemy515: blank park zoo

With all the tragedy going on around us, we decided we needed a family day to focus on all that we are grateful for, like our happy, adventurous, care-free toddler, Hayes. S/O and I ditched work early to take a family trip to Iowa’s Wildest Adventure: The Blank Park Zoo! I’m not gonna lie, it was a different experience than all my years of playing Pianopalooza at Zoo Brew, but in a good way! Who knew our local DSM zoo was so cool…even without drinks + live music?!

Hayes was fully captivated by his surroundings, making it all the more fun for us to live through his eyes.  Sometimes you just need a kid to remind you to take it all in and really appreciate what life has to offer. As adults, we tend to get so busy and wrapped up in the day-to-day “stuff”,  that we forget to feed the llamas, laugh and just seize the day!

If you’re needing an afternoon “getaway” I encourage you to checkout The Blank Park Zoo.  Just another reason why #ilovemy515!

Blank Park Zoo
7401 SW 9th Street
Des Moines, IA 50315
P. 515.285.4722