#ilovemy515: save the date!

This dreary weather has me longing for sunny days *sigh*. How about you?!  Since I can’t control the weather, I’ll blog about something happy that I can help spread awareness to. As a co-chair, I am hosting and walking in the Strollathon, Rettsyndrome.org’s signature fundraising and awareness event, to raise money for essential research of effective treatments and to find a cure for Rett syndrome. This casual stroll has a fun and energetic festival atmosphere. The best part? We are throwing a party afterwards! Mark your calendars. Our Strollathon will be held Saturday, May 20th 10AM-12PM and immediately after from 12PM-2PM we will head to Confluence for a silent auction and live music provided by Tim Mitchum (I think he’s dreamy!) 

Our team goal was originally $10,000 and we exceeded our expectations! We have currently raised $27,750 and hope to meet our new goal of $35,000. Learn why I’m passionate about this Strollathon and the little sweetheart behind our efforts https://www.strollathon.org/mightymitchum. We would love to gain your support and have you be involved in this wonderful event.

Questions? Email me at curerettiowa@gmail.com or call (515) 290-8269. I look forward to seeing you May 20th!