#ilovemy515: Santa Claus

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. or so they say. How about busiest time of the year. You know, when we cram way too much on the calendar and there is just enough time to barely stay sane. And when you’re hanging by a thread, you better not even question making time for Elf on[…]

#ilovemy515: triple espresso

The hubs and I had the opportunity to snag an open date on the calendar and call it a date night! Yesterday in an effort to be all cultured and stuff, we saw the show Triple Espresso downtown at the Temple for Performing Arts. I feel extra lucky because a client of mine, John Bush,[…]

#ilovemy515: The Book of Dates DSM

Addie Rasmusson and Rebecca Goldsmith are two friends that had a vision. That vision? Local DSM artists. DSMs best events. One calendar. They ran with their idea and designed a calendar that features 13 local artists and the best events that this city has to offer. It is the true representation of all things local,[…]

#ilovemy515: get fit grill

How many times have you told yourself you’re going to get healthy (diet, exercise, the whole works)? And how often does life just get “too busy” and it all gets pushed aside? Probably more times than you can count. Being healthy isn’t as easy as Kate Hudson makes it appear in her Fabletics ads. $25[…]

#ilovemy515: the pumpkin ranch

Yesterday while everyone else was at a football game, we decided to hit up the Pumpkin Ranch. You know, because we have a 7-month old and needed to get OUT of the house! The Pumpkin Ranch is located just southeast of Winterset and it was a gorgeous drive – can’t complain about 70 degree weather[…]